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Emotional Interview: Alleged Occupy Baltimore Rape Victim Says Activists Refused to Help


"If this is supposed to be a good organization, it isn't. It's a crock."

The Wall Street Occupiers have become embroiled in a slew of sexual assault allegations in recent weeks, and now Baltimore joins the list of cities with Occupations that have resulted in rape charges.

In an interview with Fox Baltimore, a distraught woman who had previously joined the Occupiers claimed she was raped and robbed Friday night at the Occupy Baltimore's waterfront campsite.

She made it clear that none of the Occupiers came to her aid or tried to help her identify her attacker afterwards. The unidentified woman also told reporters that she couldn't go home because her attacker had taken her bills and knew where she lived.

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With her voice cracking from apparent shock and rage, the woman said of Occupy Wall Street that "If this is supposed to be a good organization, it isn't. It's a crock."

You can watch the full video here, courtesy of WBFF-TV:

Another man who was part of the Occupy Baltimore protest told Fox that the Occupiers did indeed include dangerous people. The man took reporters to tent entrance where there was drug paraphernalia, including needles, strewn about the entrance.

Baltimore police patrol the Occupy campsite area but don't go inside the tents.

A dispute also broke out between Occupiers while Fox was on site, and attention was quickly turned to keeping cameras away from filming the incident. A man who appeared to be an organizer said of the outburst that "people need to go through mediation...we have a security team that actively deals with these situations."

The organizer also claimed that Occupy Baltimore had not published information that discouraged reports of sexual assaults to the police. But this declaration may have been parsing words. The organizer's obvious focus on "published information" seemed a bit too specific for the question at hand. It clearly left open the possibility that Occupiers were discouraging reports of rape to the police by word of mouth-- which has happened in other cities and appears to have been the case in Baltimore.

In fact, Occupy Baltimore recently revised its sexual assault reporting guidelines after distributing pamphlets that discouraged victims from coming forward to the police. The pamphlets instructed victims of assault to report incidents to the “Security Team” which would “supply the abuser with counseling resources.”

But at least some Occupiers at the Baltimore waterfront appeared undeterred by the assaults from whatever cause they believe they are supporting. "We have an agenda," one woman told Fox News, "we want something done. we want jobs in our neighborhood."

Violent rapes and rampant drug use, it seems, are irrelevant to the Occupiers when nebulous leftist activism is at stake.

(h/t MRCtv)

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