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Ron Paul Still 'Hasn't Decided' Whether He Will Support Romney for President


"There's too many disagreements."

The rumors of a conspiracy between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were apparently premature. As the former Massachusetts Governor coasts towards the GOP nomination, Paul himself told CNS News that he "hasn't decided" whether to support the nominee. This is a marginally more encouraging sign from Paul than has been seen in the past, but given his reasons for being undecided, Romney supporters shouldn't get their hopes up:

"I want us to stand for something,” Paul told WMAL. “You now, for fifty, sixty years, we change parties, but we never change policy.”[...]

“Which Republican other than myself would look into the Federal Reserve?” Paul asked.[...]

"I don't see how that would happen. There's too many disagreements," Paul said. "I like Mitt Romney as a person. I think he is a dignified person and I--you know, I have no common ground on economics. I mean, he doesn't--he isn't worried about the Federal Reserve. And he isn't worried about the foreign policy. He doesn't talk about civil liberties, so I have a hard time to expect him ever to invite me to campaign with him."

Except for the Federal Reserve point, the irony is that all of these reasons arguably place Paul closer to Barack Obama in terms of philosophical predispositions than Romney - a point that was not brought up in the interviews where Paul has spoken on the topic. You can watch the clips here:

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