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Meet Zay Zay: The Bow-Tie-Wearing, 'World's Funniest 5-Year-Old' Fed Up With Parental Laziness


"Do what you gotta do kids."

If Zay Zay could start a support group it would probably be called "Five-year-olds of the World United Against Parental Laziness." Although there may not be such a group in the works yet, Zay Zay, a 5-year-old himself from Tacoma, Wash., is at least well on his way to Internet stardom with his YouTube plea for kids to "fight the power" against lazy parents.

Zay Zay has quickly become a sensation for calling out the various habits of lazy parents. Watch this ITN News report:

Here's his official rant against parents:

Although Zay Zay quietly admits to loving Lunchables, he said that's not the point. "How much time does it take to make lunch? Huh? How much time!? [...] Make me a real sandwich." His next attack: instant oatmeal. "How hard is to to make oatmeal?"

Zay Zay shows he could also have an advice column. He lets other kids in on the rather well-known secret that when parents say your full name -- in his case Isaiah Deanglo Fredericks -- "you better hurry up." He is also a stellar example of obedience when "lazy" parents ask him to do menial tasks, such as handing them a nearby remote, turning on and off the TV, and taking off their socks.

But parents beware, if Zay Zay shows us anything, it's that parental laziness can only be tolerated for so long until revenge ensues. The revenge in this case? Rubbing a Capri Sun juice pouch on his arm pits and his brother's pj-clad bum and couching on the straw before dutifully presenting it to dad who asked for a drink.

It's clear from Zay Zay's videos that his parents, especially father Kevin Fredericks who is a comedian himself, are in on the jibes. With these videos Mr. Fredericks is helping Zay Zay fulfill his dream of becoming the world's youngest comedian, an aspiration cited on his Facebook fan page. Zay Zay's intentions and social media savvy are clear. In his video he encourages his fans to tweet, retweet and share his video. The ultimate goal? To get on the Ellen Show "so I can make it big."

Here's how Zay Zay's budding career started, according to his official website:

I told my dad I wanted to be a comedian. So we made a video, a twitter account, and a facebook page and BOOM! Just like that a star was born! The video has almost half a million views on You Tube, I flew to California to be on Studio 11 on FOX, had other interviews , and a couple of photo shoots too!

I like making funny videos by myself, with my brother, with my Dad, and with The Lil Playmakers. I have my own language too, "Official Filed" means you are cool and "Babiosa!" means bye. So get to know me because...I'M BOUT TO BE FAMOUS!!

Looking for more Zay Zay videos? He says a new one will be released on the first of the month.

Learn more about Zay Zay in this "Ask Zay Zay" informational video:

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