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Michelle Malkin still waging one-sided war with Coulter


Conservative author Michelle Malkin accused Ann Coulter on Monday of waging her own type of "war on conservative women" for being mildly critical of Sarah Palin.

“This is a form of political fragging. Shame," Malkin wrote on her blog in response to Coulter saying on "This Week" Sunday that the Republican nominee shouldn't pick a "novelty" veep like  Palin.

Coulter didn't give us any comment on the matter and hasn't said a word about Malkin since. But Malkin is clearly still upset.

Via Daily Caller:

“She is questioning the sincerity of countless conservative women across the country who are sick and tired of being smeared by liberal cowards hiding behind the humor card,” Malkin wrote in an email. “Her most recent statements call into question her past praise for Palin and her past participation in a documentary that explicitly takes on liberal hate of conservative women. Opportunism? Schtick? I know I am not the only one questioning her. I’m just one of the few willing to question her out loud."

If Coulter's comments on Palin are considered part of a "war on conservative women," what do you call what Malkin is doing?

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