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You Won't Believe the Crazy Pictures Of Obama Reading 'Where The Wild Things Are


"Let the wild rumpus start!"

President Obama might inspire divisive feelings politically, but if there was ever any doubt that the president is great with kids, this video should put it to rest. In it, Obama reads the children's classic "Where the Wild Things Are" to what sounds like a loud, excited crowd of children at the White House's annual Easter Egg Hunt. But just wait until you see the pictures.

The Associated Press published a few unbelievable snapshots from the president's dramatic reading:

CBS has video of the whole thing:

Those who want to read too much into things could argue that the video might give us some clues about the President's political strategy. After all, he makes a point of dramatizing the act of staring into the eyes of the wild things, with an admonition to his audience not to blink, all in the service of being proclaimed "the wildest thing of all."

Perhaps this is how the President views his exchanges with Republicans and/or the Supreme Court?

Or maybe he's just reading a children's book very dramatically.

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