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People who love to vote drink diet, caffeine-free soda


For some reason likely voters, both Democrats and Republicans, prefer diet and caffeine-free soft drinks.

A story in The Atlantic explains how this type of useless info is actually hoarded by political campaign operatives:

Inside microtargeting offices in Washington and across the nation, individual voters are today coming through in HDTV clarity -- every single digitally-active American consumer, which is 91 percent of us, according to Pew Internet research. Political strategists buy consumer information from data brokers, mash it up with voter records and online behavior, then run the seemingly-mundane minutiae of modern life -- most-visited websites, which soda's in the fridge -- through complicated algorithms and: pow! They know with "amazing" accuracy not only if, but why, someone supports Barack Obama or Romney, says Willie Desmond of Strategic Telemetry, which works for the Obama reelection campaign.

Other things campaigns know: Hardcore Republican voters like drinking Michelob Ultra while Democrats drink Guinness. Democrats who stay at home on election day love eating at Church's Chicken (nasty) and Republicans who also avoid voting prefer Sonic (love their tater tots).

[The Atlantic, Hot Air]

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