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Official Obama Twitter Account Caught Following Semi-Erotic Website


"different way to look at celebrities"

President Barack Obama follows more than 679,000 profiles on Twitter and admittedly doesn't run the day-to-day operations of the account. Still, one would assume semi-erotic websites would not meet the requirements for who is acceptable for the commander-in-chief to "follow." But over the weekend it was revealed the president's account was a follower of a not-so-innocent website.

On Friday, the social news site Buzzfeed broke a story -- screenshot included -- that the president's Twitter account was following the handle @sidebooborg. This Twitter account is associated with the website* that focuses on a "different way to look at celebrities." More specifically, it posts photos captured of celebrities' "side boobs." Here's what the BuzzFeed poster had to say:

I'm not saying I don't blame the man — celebrity side boob is enthralling, for sure — but the fact that our presidential twitter account is just as into glimpses of famous boobs as the rest of America is both comforting and a little suspect.

Now before you go and call the POTUS a heathen, this twitter account is by no means porn. [...]

In fact, the account doesn't even tweet any actual photos of sideboob, just links to places that you can.

Now, in order for something to be actively followed on Twitter, the account user chooses to click the "follow" button, which would mean someone from the #2012Obama campaign staff that maintains the president's account would have had to actively follow the site. However, what's in doubt is whether someone intentionally wanted the president to follow the site, or if someone forgot they were logged into the president's account when they hit the "follow" button.

Although the president may not manage the twitter account himself, he does post his own updates from time-to-time, distinguishing them from other posts by signing them "B.O."

The managers of the account were quick to remedy the situation. As noted in a tweet by Celebrity Sideboob, @barackobama is no longer following the site.

International Business Times also found the hero mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker, followed the site.

*We've decided not to link to the actual site, since some of the pictures are racy.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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