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You'll Want to Watch This Man Drop a Coin Into a Water Bottle Using a 30-Ton Forklift


"Kinda like Top Gun, but with a forklift."

Standing above a soda bottle and trying to drop in a coin is a difficult feat. Multiply that level of difficulty a few (or a hundred) times and you have a forklift attempting to jostle a coin from its forks into a bottle. It sounds nearly impossible.

But Gawker reports Daniel Xanthopulo from São Paulo, Brazil, has it down to a science, completing this task with ease using a Hyster 30-ton forklift.

Watch the tense but rewarding two minute clip:

As one Redditor explains on the site that is helping push the budding viral sensation, such antics can be a "pretty common thing in warehousing." The man with the profile name "TaskForceDanger" writes on Reddit:

For instance, I bet my supervisor at the time that I could move a nickle from the warehouse floor to the palm of his hand in under 30 seconds. Never mind the danger of the whole thing, like if the accelerator on the forklift stuck and I impaled him with the fork or something, but I was able to accomplish moving the nickle from the floor into his hand. It takes a deft touch and 100s of hours of practice to be able to move something so small with something so big. Guys and girls that work with these machines always boast and claim how good they are. Kinda like Top Gun, but with a forklift.

Others on the site shared similar sentiments about the skills those on the warehouse floor can acquire.

What did you think? Impressive? Fake? The result of multiple takes?

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