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Bono has hope, despair in the form of a mask-wearing dog


This is a letter left by singer Bono in the guestbook at a hotel in Jerusalem, according to BuzzFeed.

Bono's penmanship is illegible a little unclear so I'll translate what I can for you. Just know that in it, he compares "hope" and "despair" to a sniffing dog that runs back and forth.

In Jerusalem, hope springs eternal[.] Hope is like a faithful dog[.] Sometimes she runs ahead of me to check the future, to sniff it out and then I call to her: Hope, Hope come back, and she comes to me. I pet her, she eats out of my hand and sometimes she stays behind, near some other hope maybe to sniff out whatever was. Then I call her my Despair[.] I call out to her. Heh, my little Despair, come here and she comes and snuggles up, and again I call her Hope.

--Bono [...] great thanks for great room in great hotel in great city[.] ...

Included in the letter is a meticulously drawn picture of "a dog called Hope." It's wearing a bandit's eye mask.

I'll have whatever Bono's having.


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