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Wild Vid: 76 Year Old Crashes Car Into Florida Supermarket...and Keeps Driving


"She pushed everybody out the way like bowling pins"

Police have concluded that Thelma Wagenhoffer, 76, accidentally crashed her 2004 Toyota Camry into a supermarket full of people Saturday because she pressed the wrong pedal after stopping for a stop sign.

Security footage shows the dramatic moment her car pushed ten people "out the way like bowling pins," in the words of one witness.  The crowd included a mother and a baby in a stroller.

The crash begins around 0:30 (Warning: Intense Content):

If that isn't shocking enough, reports say the woman continued driving for almost 50 feet before roaring to a stop between aisles.

At that time, shoppers and store employees gathered around the white vehicle in an attempt to free an 83-year old man who was trapped underneath.  They succeeded.

While the 83-year old man is still in the hospital with two others, shoppers say it's a miracle no one was killed.

In fact, the first two to be hit-- a mother and her three-month old son-- are both relatively unscathed.  The mother suffered cuts on her legs, while the baby was found safe and sound in his stroller, with nothing more than a bump on the head.

"It was like a little angel was watching over him," his mother remarked.

It hasn't been an easy month for Florida's supermarkets.  Roughly two weeks ago, a plane crashed into another store of the same chain, Publix, and miraculously, no one died there either.  The store's resilience shows, as this particular store was fully functional the next day (with a sheet of plywood covering the gaping hole left by the Toyota Camry).

The woman's 2004 vehicle was inspected for mechanical failures, but was found to be working perfectly.  She has since been charged with careless driving, and will have to appear in court.

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