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Hannity Panel Explodes Over Discussion of President's Economic 'Successes

Hannity Panel Explodes Over Discussion of President's Economic 'Successes

“Michelle Obama can tell all the amazing stories she wants..."

“I am going to be working so hard. We have an amazing story to tell. This President has brought us out of the dark and into the light,” First Lady Michelle Obama said while stumping for her husband.

These comments, and the possible “return of Obamamania,” became a hot topic of a debate on Sean Hannity's Fox show on Wednesday.

“Michelle Obama can tell all the amazing stories she wants but she’s not going to be able to rewrite the sordid history of these last four years,” conservative authoress Michelle Malkin said.

Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, Sean Hannity, and Michelle Malkin

“There seems to be here,” host Sean Hannity said to Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, “a disconnect because the president … he lectured George Bush about $4 trillion in eight years. We now passed the $5 trillion in debt mark."

"Do you think this deserves comparisons to Jesus?” Hannity asked, referring to the First Lady's biblical-esque claim that her husband has "brought us out of the dark and into the light."

“I think that’s a little bit of a stretch in your own right Sean,” Holder responded.

“What’s a stretch?”

“The stretch is that the average person does not really understand that the large enormous debt that you continue to talk about really doesn’t hit the person at home …”

“Five trillion, we just passed the five trillion in 39 months!” Hannity interjected.

“Which is because the Republicans, they wanted to go to this war, or I’m sorry, two wars to go find somebody,” Holder snarked.

Steering the conversation back on point, Hannity said: “It seems to me that on every measure the President fails and on every account those that are deeply, almost hypnotically, entranced by Obama, they go back to some excuse.”

At that moment, Malkin jumped in: “One of the main talking points they use is the one that Tamara just invoked which is that ‘average, ordinary people just don’t understand.’”

“Really the average person isn’t so excited about Mitt Romney. The average person knows that they are actually coming back to work, they’re getting jobs,” Holder said, “their foreclosure rates are down. There are certain things that people are seeing, the person next door, nobody understands five trillion.”

Malkin unloaded:

Conservatives online are not accepting these fables that have been shoved down our throat. The idea that Obama has brought us out of the light when he’s plunged us deeper into the sinkhole of debt, that somehow Obama has opened up Washington D.C. to make it as transparent and open as possible, when they’ve done all of these deals and subverted the rule of law behind closed doors.

That somehow Obama is more likeable than any Republican and somehow he’s a nice guy. I hate hearing this from Mitt Romney. He’s got to get this talking point out of his mouth. Barack Obama is not a nice guy.

At this point, Hannity himself felt compelled to challenge Holder and asked her to name at least one economic success the president can claim as his own.

Holder tried to use  unemployment as an example but, as could be expected on the Hannity program, she didn’t get very far.

“No unemployment is higher … You’re wrong,” Hannity said.

Apparently, the combination of being challenged on the president’s economic “successes” and having to do battle with Michelle Malkin proved too much for Holder.

“I don’t understand why you have me on the show and you don’t have to like what I say but you’re fine with Michelle and everybody talking about their conservative flowery talking points and you don’t want me to finish my position,” Holder huffed.

She then turned the conversation away from a defense of the president's economic record and instead chose to focus on the presumed Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

"The guy [Romney] is borderline brain-dead," Holder said, demonstrating for all to see that "new civility" we've heard so much about.

Video via Fox News Insider.

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