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Romney Refuses to Answer Hannity's Questions About Obama's Dog-Eating Past


"You’re not going to take the bait, huh?”

Flash: the 2012 presidential right now hinges on -- dogs.

The four-legged friends have dominated the news the last two days after the media remembered that Obama admitted to eating dog in his memoir, "Dreams From My Father." And that was noteworthy because the Obama campaign has continually drudged up the fact that Mitt Romney once tied his dog's kennel to the top of his car during a road trip.

Enter Sean Hannity, who on Wednesday tried to get Romney to respond to "dog-gate," as he's termed it. He asked Mitt Romney if he wanted to respond. But Romney wasn't having any of it.

“Sean,” he said while laughing, “I’m going to talk about jobs, and the economy, I’m going to talk about the debt, I’m going to talk about the measures people care about.”

"You’re not going to take the bait, huh?” Hannity responded, chuckling himself.

Mediaite has the relevant portion:

The full interview, with much more substance, is below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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