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Want to Learn More About Obama's 'War on Fossil Fuel' and How it Affects You?


2.15 million jobs will reportedly be lost and American's will be left in the dark...literally and figuratively.

52% of America's electricity is generated from coal, yet President Obama is seeking to "cripple" the coal industry and put it out of business. In a night dedicated to "standing up for coal," Glenn Beck interviewed leading industry executive about President Obama's war on fossil fuels.

One of the panelists perhaps summed it up best when he said the president "is fundamentally transforming America" and that he believes his goal "is to lower our standard of living so the rest of the world can catch up to us."

As a result, jobs -- some 2.15 million by 2010 -- are lost, communities are devastated and power is being taken off the grid.

Watch as Beck and the panel dispel commonly held myths and explains the truth about coal.

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