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It's True': Arianna Huffington's Email Allegedly Hacked by Nigerian Scam Artists


"I wonder who will be castrated for this oversight"

Reports are confirming that the Arianna Huffington's email account was indeed hacked by Nigerian scam artists, following a dubious email sent by the woman's AOL account to various contacts in her address book.

The email allegedly read: "I uploaded an important document I want you to see."

It then told readers: "Click here to view the document using google docs, just sign in with your email."

Recipients were then redirected to a fraudulent website that asked readers for their respective usernames and passwords, thereby repeating the cycle and enabling the hackers to access all of their personal accounts.

"Arianna's AOL account emailed me (presumably a virus) this morning," one of the email's unlucky recipients reportedly remarked.  "I wonder who will be castrated for this oversight."

Arianna Huffington reportedly confirmed the hack in an email to Gawker's Maureen O'Connor, saying: "Our tech department investigated and discovered it was hackers from Nigeria, and no I'm not giving up my AOL email."

Gawker relates the entire conversation:

At least the email was somewhat believable-- though it would have been funnier if the Huffington Post's famous namesake clicked on an email from a desperate Nigerian "prince" who sincerely promised that she is actually part of the country's royal family.

(H/T: Gawker)

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