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Allen West: Muslim Brotherhood & Other Extremist Groups Are Influencing U.S. Strategy


"We have to understand that when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide."

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Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is never afraid to take a stand on the issues he holds dear, which is why the conservative politician is taking aim at the FBI for removing nearly 900 pages of allegedly-offensive training materials. According to West, this action, which was taken after Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) complained about some of the materials' contents, is a form of "cultural suicide."

Durbin, who wrote a letter to FBI director Robert Mueller about the situation, complained that the controversial documentation could lead Muslims and others to be targeted based on their religion. "There is a real risk that agents will be operating on false assumptions about Arab-Americans and American Muslims," Durbin maintained.

West, though, said that the removal is evidence that extremist Muslim groups are holding sway over U.S. strategy. He discussed the issue of "tolerance" and its relation to the situation in an interview with Fox News' "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning.

"We have to understand that when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide," he said. "We should not allow the Muslim Brotherhood or associated groups to be influencing our national strategy."

West's main concern is that the U.S. seems to be watering down its definition of who America's enemies are. In an attempt to decrease how intensely officials offend extremists, the politician claims that leaders are potentially endangering the nation.

"If we continue to be recalcitrant in identifying who the enemy is and want to be less offensive to them, then we’re going to put ourselves in a bad situation," West proclaimed. "Now you have an environment of political correctness which precludes these agents from doing their proper job and due diligence to go after the perceived threat."

Watch West speak further about this scenario, below:

The subject of radical influences on the U.S. government has been gaining prominence in recent years. On Wednesday, GBTV will air a live documentary event called, "Rumors of War III." The program will tackle many of the same themes West addressed in his interview on Fox News this morning, as the film tackles extremist groups' infiltration of the United States.

Following the documentary, Glenn Beck will sit down with guests from the movie who will weigh in on the threats posed by the Muslim Brotherhood, among other groups. GlennBeck.com has more:

The guests joining Glenn include Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Former Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence), Andrew McCarthy (Author of The Grand Jihad and former federal prosecutor), Diana West (Author of The Death of the Grown-Up and conservative columnist) and Buck Sexton (The Blaze National Security Editor).

You can visit the "Rumors of War III" web page and watch a preview, below:

(H/T: The Hill)

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