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Hot Dog, Yep That's Me': Bailiff Says Detroit Judge Sexted Her


Say what you like about the Supreme Court, but at least the dignity of that institution is still intact. The same can't be said for many lower courts, where erratic judges have been doing their best to make the American legal system look as suspect as possible. The most recent example of this unfortunate phenomenon comes from Detroit, where one Judge came to the mystifying conclusion that sending a picture of him after literally disrobing was a good plan. Watch this video from Fox 2 Detroit:

And here's the relevant part of Fox 2 Detroit's write up about the incident:

A husband is upset after finding a photo of a nearly nude man on his wife's cell phone. She says the photo came from her boss? What does she do for a living?  She's a court bailiff. Who's her boss? Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree.

Fox 2's Charlie LeDuff shows the photo to Judge McCree.  The Judge seems quite proud of it.  "Hot dog, yep that's me," says McCree. Play the video to get the full report and to hear what the judge himself has to say about the photo.[...]

LeDuff also talks to legal analyst Charlie Langton who says it's possible McCree could lose his job over the photo. McCree's father, Wade H. McCree Jr., was the first African-American judge to be appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and only the second African-American solicitor general, serving during the Carter administration.

Not exactly a good career move in the legal profession - "judges gone wild" doesn't really have a ring to it.

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