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Is this the body of a Lego lady who's been through puberty?


Lego has introduced a new line of toys that feature little figures, targeted at girls, meant to look more lifelike than the old Lego toys with yellow faces and oddly cylindrical heads with holes on top of them.

Think Progress, a liberal blog, takes issue with the new sexually charged version of the female version of the new toys (emphasis mine):

[T]wo aspects of the new toys made waves. First, the Lego Friends have the curvy bodies of women who have been through puberty, rather than the undifferentiated bodies of young girls or the blocky, sexless bodies of traditional Lego figurines. And second, the world the Lego Friends live in has a slight bias towards traditionally girly occupations and activities—the beauticians and bakers outnumber the inventor.


Look at the photo to the right.

Here is a series thoughts that probably don't come to mind when you look at it:

1. "Sexy";

2. "Developed";

3. "Curvy."

And here are some thoughts that reasonably might:

1. Those hands don't look fun for anyone;

2. Those feet appear to have a lot of mileage;

3. There's a good chance this Lego lady, wearing thong sandals and playing with tools in a garage, is a lesbian, which was very inclusive of the toymaker.

[ThinkProgress, The Mary Sue]

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