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Live TV Weather Forecast Interrupted By... BEARS!


TV weather forecasters are often the most colorful or unpredictable members of a news team. Characters like Willard Scott, Al Roker, or CNN's sometimes-testy Chad Meyers come to mind.

Thanks to an unexpected wildlife encounter, Kurt Aaron of WNEP in Scranton-Wilks-Barre, PA is the TV weatherman in the spotlight today.

Literally seconds before Aaron was supposed to deliver the 11pm weather report from the patio just outside the station's studio, he came face-to-face with a family of black bears. Momma bear and her three cubs were wandering around the back of the building, probably looking for a little late night snack. As he tells it, Kurt ran like he "stole something" back into the building.

The seven-day forecast was eventually delivered, along with a little wildlife report. Enjoy the clip.

H/T - Deadspin

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