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Olbermann: This 'DogGate' thing isn't funny... unless I talk about it


Appearing on ABC’s This Week, MSNBC Current TV unemployed liberal commentator Keith Olbermann complained that the so-called "DogGate" scandal "raises the level of absurdity to something exponential...  With so many valuable questions going on, we're wasting most of the time dealing with the dogs."

That's funny.  Olbermann didn't seem to think it was such a colossal waste of time when all the doggone mockery was aimed in Romney's direction.  Here he is discussing Romney's dog just a month ago on his Current TV gig:

Oh, and here's some more video.  And here, here, here, here, aaaaaand here.

NRO's Greg Pollowitz lays the smack down on Olbermann's feinged protests:

Olbermann, you pompous hypocrite. Who’s the one “wasting” time on dog issues?...

Well, guess what, Keith? The Seamus narrative is now over. President Obama ate a dog. He also had a polygamous father, smoked pot, snorted cocaine, and is hiding his college transcripts. You want to keep playing or shall we get to actual issues in the race?

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