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UFO Enthusiasts Believe They've Spotted a Spaceship Flying by the Sun -- Take a Look


"...looks like a metallic, jointed spaceship with a gigantic extension..."

The spot in the lower left hand corner is what has some thinking a UFO was flying near the sun. (Image: SOHO via Daily Mail)

Images taken from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) have some UFO fan sites going wild over a potential "spot" that doesn't look like "anything ever spotted near the sun" before.

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First, check out the SOHO clips that were pulled together in this YouTube video:

The images compiled into the above YouTube video were taken by one of SOHO's sensors, data from which is updated on its website as close to real time as possible.

The Daily Mail records some of the UFO enthusiasts' thoughts on the spot:

"The unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star. What is it?" asked [Gather News].

UFO fans on YouTube have been highly enthusiastic about the object, with many claiming it as a definite 'spot'.


"The video shows what looks like a metallic, jointed spaceship with a gigantic extension, perhaps a boom arm, anchored off its lower end.

"An enlargement of the object makes the enormously large UFO look like a ship straight out of a Hollywood movie."

If it's not a UFO, some have raised the possibility that one of the 12 complimentary instruments that sense various factors as SOHO constantly faces the sun in its orbit is creating a distortion.

SOHO was released into orbit in 1995 as a collaborative project between NASA and the European Space Agency to study the sun, its corona and outer atmosphere.

What are your thoughts? UFO or sensor distortion?

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