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Fox Piven's Chilling Future Predictions: Calls for 'Massive Union Strikes' in Order to 'Force Government to Restore Taxation on the Rich


According to Frances Fox Piven's predictions last September:

  • The government would begin to "force" higher taxation on the rich
  • The government will "force" strict regulation on finance
  • Workers will unite to make "New Deal" style "strikes." 
  • The strikes should be "massive" and involve millions of non-Union workers.
  • Unions should lead these strikes, because they have overcome "racism & sexism."

In a first-time address to the  International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union, radical professor Frances Fox Piven made some startling, yet predictable calls for unions to engage in social unrest.  In light of the Occupy movement and legislation such as the Buffett Rule, this might seem to be old news.  However, the speech was given last September, before any of these radical social ideas collided with the mainstream.  What's left is an apt prediction for things that did happen (demonetization of the rich, violent class warfare) and a dark foreshadowing of what the future may hold (crippling strikes, a workers revolution).

The controversial NYU professor began by pinning down Voter ID laws as discriminatory.

"Thirty state legislators - legislatures - the states that were lost in the election of 2010 are now considering legislation to make it harder to vote for poorer people, for younger people, for minority people.  They want to require photo ID cards for registration, voter registration, for actually casting the vote."

The Occupy enthusiast continued by demanding that unions begin to "force" governments into an arch-progressive agenda.

"Poverty is really expanding very, very rapidly and unions, union membership, and treasuries continue to decline.  So the question that confronts us, everyone in this room - me too, I'm a union member - is how to halt and reverse this assault.  How to force government to become a job creating engine, how to force government to restore taxation on the rich - they should pay their share - how to force government to invest in infrastructure, how force government to re-regulate finance, and how to restore the slices that have been taken from the social programs."

She then began a plea for unions to rise up and demand a new social revolution, a la FDR's New Deal.

"I think there are lessons for us from the past.  There are lessons from the 1930s when a really disheartened

nation, suffering from massive unemployment - many people actually starving - when that nation was galvanized by the mobilization of workers in the 'Great Strike' movements of 1934, '35, '36, '37.  That strike movement forced FDR to do much more than he would have done just because he was a wealthy patriarch who cared about the poor.  It was the strike movement that created the New Deal and the programs that we so value from the New Deal.  The 1960's and '70's saw other new movements.  And those movements, they were in the street, they were in the schools, and they were in the factories."

She continued by lamenting the immense control Conservatives and free marketers have on the media.

"[Conservatives have] a propaganda machine which makes it possible for them to yell loudly from every media outlet, because they really do have a huge influence on the media.  Every time a jobs program is proposed - they will do this to Obama's job program if they can - they will yell, 'Job killer!' because it means spending money, raising taxes."

Piven digressed into action calls for unions and non-unions alike to engage in massive strikes.

"But I think unions should be in the lead.  Now, you know, I'm not young and naive.  I know that it's hard for unions, for example, to engage in massive strikes.  There have been some, I think you probably all read about the Longshoreman's strike a week or two weeks ago in Longview on the west coast."

The professor of political science and sociology applauded unions for getting over their racist and sexist roots, an example she used to defend her theory on Union superiority.

"[Unions have] overcome, not entirely, their antipathy to women and women workers, for example.  I see some women.  They've overcome, not entirely, but a lot of their racism, a lot of their ethnic prejudices.  They understand the importance of youth.  We, the union movement, has quietly and steadily made progress."

Finally, Piven declared America as a dangerous oligarchy and the Unions as the only hope to save our country from its imminent demise.

"Because you have a union, or you have many unions, federated into an international union.  And you represent what is the biggest, richest, strongest organization that can stand in opposition to the reckless oligarchy that has overtaken American life.  You can lead and support a greater movement that includes the tens of millions of working people that are not unionized.  I think the future depends on you."

Watch the chilling predictions below:

Hat Tip and article contributions from The Blaze's Erica Ritz.

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