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Romney Campaign Responds to Allegation He May Not Have Ordered bin Laden Raid: 'Divisive' and 'Sign of a Desperate Campaign


"Obama is shamelessly turning the one decision he got right into a pathetic political act of self-congratulation."

Mitt Romney's campaign fired back on Sunday to the insinuation that the presumptive nominee would not have ordered the raid resulting in the death of Usama bin Laden.

It began in a recent Obama campaign video where, after several minutes of Bill Clinton praising Obama's inimitable courage in the matter, the question, "which path would Mitt Romney have taken?" flashed on the screen.

Watch the entire ad, below:

One of Romney's top advisers Ed Gillespie responded on NBC's "Meet the Press," calling the allegation a "divisive, partisan, political attack."

"I think most Americans will see it as the sign of a desperate campaign," he continued.

However, former White House press secretary and current Obama adviser Robert Gibbs maintains the ad is "fair game," saying, "I don't think it's clear that (Romney) would [have green-lit the mission]."

"Usama bin Laden no longer walks on this planet today because of that brave decision (by Obama) and the brave actions by the men and women in our military -- and quite frankly Mitt Romney said it was a foolish thing to do a few years ago," he continued.

"Maybe the comments he made a few years ago he admits are wrong, or he's flip-flopped on yet another issue," he said, highlighting one of the main worries among Republicans about Mitt Romney, that he is not firm in his convictions.

However, Gillespie maintains that he "can't envision, having served in the White House, any president having been told 'we have him, he's here, you know, should we go in,' saying, 'no we shouldn't.'"

John McCain even chimed in to say Obama is "shamelessly turning the one decision he got right into a pathetic political act of self-congratulation."

Fox News covered the back-and-forth between the campaigns, and how it could impact voters:

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