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Dodgeball Fight Leaves Student Unconscious With Severe Injuries, Police Launch Investigation

Preston Hodge was taken to the hospital for several injuries after being beating on the playground. (Photo: News 9)

Earlier this week, Preston Hodge, 14, sustained injuries that rendered him unconscious and with injuries that sent hospital after a schoolyard fight broke out during a dodgeball game.

The Oklahoma teen had an overnight hospital stay for broken cheekbones and other injuries from the fight that allegedly started with derogatory comments. The teen attending Longfellow Middle School in Enid has since been released from the hospital, but Fox News reports police are looking into the case that has some parents saying bullying is to blame:

"Bullying needs to stop," a family friend, Jeff Rust, told FoxNews.com. "I’ve got a daughter who is in middle school, so it really hit home for me."

"I think charges need to be pressed," added Rust, who said he set up a bank account in the child's name to raise money for him.

The local news channel reported Hodge was released from the hospital Thursday after he needed surgery to help mend some of his wounds. According to reports, Hodge allegedly told another student to "go back to the islands" -- a reference to Marshall Island -- which is when another student hit Hodge in the face and didn't let up.

Watch the local report:

News 9 states police are looking into the incident as a hate/bias case and notes that "aggravated battery" was listed on the school's report. As for charges, police have said they are unable to discuss.

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