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Need To Avoid the Police During May Day Protests? There's an App for That! Meet 'Sukey


Curiously, clicking on the link that claims to point you to Sukey's executive summary takes you to a blank page.

Meet "Sukey" (pronounced seek-ee), the online app that was originally designed to help protesters avoid police during demonstrations.

What is Sukey exactly?  It just went live on Sunday morning and claims it is there to "help" protesters stay safe. In its own words:

Sukey is a web app that is designed to keep people safe, mobile and informed during demonstrations. We crowdsource updates from twitter and other online and offline sources in order to provide our users with a timely overview of what is going on at a demonstration.

So people can send notices of actions, or police presences, anything to do with OWS on that day.

Its website shows you how to send data via text, Twitter, Flickr, and TwitPic.

And its software will look for tweets using hashtags - #sukeyData, #dayx5, #sukey. Still a little confused? Here are some of the videos it posted on its website explaining the service:

We plugged into Sukey and found some of the May Day events already planned.

Take a look at Sukey's Manhattan map, and realize that each different colored icon is something you should know about.

Since Sukey has posted is no online key for the various icons, we will break it down for you.

PURPLE ICONS - Looking for a protest with a permit? Find the purple:

GREEN ICONS - These show confirmed marches with any available information about when and where:

YELLOW FLAGGED ICONS - These are unconfirmed actions (they must be pretty solid to make the map) .The snapshot here shows Lower Manhattan, and virtually all of these locations are buildings that house financial institutions:

BLACK BOXES ICONS WITH PROTESTERS - You can learn about picketing events, their locations, with times and listings of organizers (where known):

BLUE BOX ICONS - JAIL CELLS --- At these locations you can get bail or jail assistance - all are at or near police precincts:

A quick check of other US cities expecting major May Day activities from the Occupiers (places like Oakland, Seattle, and Chicago) shows no information reported by Sukey. This appears to be a trial program for the New York City area only.

The idea for Sukey, its website says, was born in London back in late 2010 as students were using Google maps and social media to outwit riot police.

Sukey's operators claim to be a volunteer organization that is funded by small donors and their own pockets, but little else is known about them. Curiously, clicking on the link that claims to point you to Sukey's executive summary takes you to a blank page.

We have reached out to Sukey for clarification on who owns and operates the site. As soon as we receive additional information, we will add to this story.

Watch below as Glenn Beck warns listeners about the May Day demonstrations and talks more about the Sukey app.

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