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Real News From The Blaze:' What Would You Demand Both Candidates Address This Campaign?


The general election presidential campaign is in full swing and the "Real News" panel is hopeful that the "dog-days" of main stream media coverage and campaign spin have run their course, and the candidates can now discuss the real issues. S.E. Cupp said that voters should have their demands ready for each candidate, and in that spirit, the panel each suggested the issue they are most hopeful both candidates address this campaign.

Cupp is hopeful each candidate addresses how he plans to take on "taxmageddon," the nickname for the dreadful $500 billion in tax breaks set to expire all at once at the end of this year--hitting American households with an average tax increase of $3,800 -- if Congress doesn't act.

Andrew Wilkow is fed up with not only the wording used to describe the "Bush Tax Cuts" set to become the "Obama Tax Increases," but also Mitt Romney's failure to thus far address how to deal with Social Security.

"The program's over, it's bloodless," commented Wilkow.

Unsurprisingly, The Blaze's National Security Editor Buck Sexton is eager to hear each candidate's foreign policy doctrine and how they view the United States' role in the rest of the world. Amy Holmes would like to know what are the guiding principles of each candidate, and how they will use them to govern. Will Cain wants to hear plans to address tax policy; each candidate's long-term vision of the tax code, medium-term plans to achieve their goals, and how they will address the immediate issue of "taxmageddon."


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