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Jonah Goldberg Joins 'Real News From The Blaze' to Discuss His New Book 'Tyranny of Cliches


With all the talk of Occupy Wall Street and the movement's fractioned and difficult to decipher political ideology and group of supporters, it seems only appropriate that the "Real News" panel was joined Tuesday by the National Review's Jonah Goldberg to discuss his new book "Tyranny of Cliches."

Goldberg explained that the basic argument of his book is that while conservatives have a distinct ideology connected to individual and economic freedom, liberals refuse to concede that they have an ideology at all. Goldberg points to examples where liberal politicians dodge the idea of personal ideology or spin what are real philosophical divergences, by labeling conservative ideology as ignorance or dishonesty to achieve ulterior motives.

"They're always questioning the motives of the right," Goldberg said of liberals as they find themselves on the losing end of disagreements with conservatives.

"Since they can't admit they have an ideology of their own, it manifests itself in weird places, and it comes out in these cliches."

Goldberg explains that such cliches may come out as seemingly harmless, but in reality are deeply loaded ideological arguments. Examples Goldberg gave on the show were the term "social justice" and the phrase "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."

When asked by Will Cain what Goldberg believes the real liberal ideology is, the author speculated that it is the progressive dogma that "the state is the engine of history."


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