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Editor's Note: The chatrooms associated with the below video feeds are not managed by The Blaze. These tools are overseen and run by the Occupy Movement and, thus, they may contain unpleasant language and themes.

The day of reckoning has arrived. As The Blaze has extensively reported, today, the Occupy Movement will stage its purportedly massive May Day protests. It's an important initiative for the so-called 99 percent, as they attempt to reinvigorate the popularity and prominence of their fledgling movement.

Today, the Occupiers will attempt to stage a "general strike," which essentially means that the protesters are calling for inaction in the workplace, schools -- even shopping centers, as The Blaze's Buck Sexton noted yesterday.

So far, the day has started out rainy and dreary here in New York City, the catalyst for and the hub of the Occupy Wall Street protests. But that hasn't stopped protesters from coming out to begin their May Day festivities. There's no indication of how many will show up to make their voices heard, but the day is certainly slated to be intriguing.

For a live, real-time look into what's going on during May Day in New York City and other cities across the country, see a live stream of the Global Revolution feed, below (for a live camera feed of Bryant Park, one of the protest locations in NYC, click here):

Here's a separate NYC feed that features marches and other live events:

The official Occupy Los Angeles feed can be viewed below as well:

You can view the Occupy San Francisco feed, below:

Below, find yet another Bay Area feed:

And here's the live feed from Occupy Washington D.C.:

Stay tuned for more live feeds as the day progresses.

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