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A picture is worth 1,000 words: Obama scrubs Solyndra


The Weekly Standard has made an interesting discovery in President Obama's latest campaign ad. Released this morning, the new ad touts "jobs created by President Obama's clean energy initiatives" and shows this map tracking the supposed green jobs across the country:

Noticeably absent from the line-up of President Obama's "clean energy initiatives" is the California-based Solyndra, the solar firm which received more than $530 million from taxpayers before filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last August.

According to the campaign ad, the map comes from the Department of Energy.  Here's the Energy Department's actual map with Solyndra:

And here's the Obama campaign's map -- Solyndra has been scrubbed!

"If only the Obama team could scrub the minds of the American electorate as easily as they can their own websites," Daniel Harper writes.

Update: Reader Jeff writes in to point out that Solyndra isn't located in southern California as the Energy Department map suggests, but is actually located in northern California's bay area.  Does this mean the Obama camp didn't "scrub" Solyndra from it's map?  Not entirely.

Here's the Department of Energy's map which points out the Solyndra project, albeit in the wrong location:

The Obama campaign may have been smart enough to relocate the Solyndra marker to its actual location, but they didn't; they removed it entirely.  So not only did the Obama campaign scrub Solyndra from its ad, the Department of Energy seems to have no clue where it dropped $535 milion.

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