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Epic New Ad Excoriates Obama For Exploiting Bin Laden's Death
Image source: YouTube

Epic New Ad Excoriates Obama For Exploiting Bin Laden's Death

"Heroes don't seek credit."

A group called "Veterans for a Strong America" is out with a scathing political ad ripping President Barack Obama for what it sees as exploiting Osama bin Laden's death.

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Released Tuesday night, the one-minute, 17-second spot crosses images of Navy SEALS and statements proclaiming "what heroes do" with clips of the president. One segment strings together his references to himself in announcing bin Laden's death, saying: "I can report...I directed...I was briefed...I met repeatedly...I determined...at my direction...I called..."

"Heroes don't seek credit," the ad states.

The spot then shifts to the Obama campaign's recent ad featuring former President Bill Clinton discussing the bin Laden raid and how a botched mission would have reflected on the president.

"Suppose the Navy SEALs had gone in there...suppose they had been captured or killed," Clinton says. "The downside would have been horrible for him."

"Horrible for HIM?" the ad states.

It concludes with a split-screen of a SEAL with the caption "heroism" and Obama's face with the word "politics."

"Tell President Obama," it states. "Our service members sacrifice to protect our country. Not to benefit his political campaign."

Veterans for a Strong America describes itself as a "non-partisan action organization" headed by Joel Arends, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Arends was on the McCain campaign's payroll during the 2008 campaign.

The ad's release came hours after Obama made a surprise trip to Kabul and visited with American troops.

The Atlantic Wire has termed the ad, "the Swift Boating of Obama" -- a reference to the infamous "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" campaign against 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry.

Watch the full ad below:

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