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Obama Gives Himself a Shout Out While Addressing Troops: 'We've Got Me In the House

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You know that old bait-and-switch technique your older sibling pulled on you when you were a kid? The one where he asked you a bunch of questions that evoked a "yes" response, and then slyly sneaked in a question that should exhibit a "no" but you're so used to answering "yes" that you accidentally mix it up. That's kind of what Barack Obama did yesterday -- to our troops.

While addressing soldiers at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, the president started giving shout outs to different military units "in the house," each time eliciting cheers from the crowd. But after calling out a couple of those names, he quickly turned to evoking his own: "And we've got me in the house."

They cheered.

The Washington Free Beacon captured the moment:

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