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A picture is worth 1,000 words: Elizabeth Warren edition

A picture is worth 1,000 words: Elizabeth Warren edition

A look at race through the eyes of a liberal:

Speaking of Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Senate candidate is still reeling after her (::snicker::) minority roots were exposed. According to the Boston Herald's Joe Battenfeld, a number of Warren's fellow Democrats are wondering if her claims to Native American heritage may have permanently derailed her campaign:

Elizabeth Warren’s stumbling efforts to douse the firestorm surrounding her claims of being a Native American minority have raised concerns among local and national Democrats who are questioning her campaign’s competence.

“There’s nobody watching this that doesn’t think she’s in big trouble,” one well-known Massachusetts Democrat said.

Joe Trippi, a prominent national Democratic consultant, told the Herald that while Warren has time to recover, the campaign should have anticipated this issue would surface.

“The problem is they weren’t ready for something they should have been ahead of,” Trippi said.

Er, you mean Democrats weren't aware their candidate was full of crap?

“This is what happens when candidates don’t tell the truth,” political guru Larry Sabato told The Herald. “It’s pretty obvious she was using [the minority status] for career advancement.”

Also, over NRO, John Fund explains how Warren checking or not checking boxes has revealed her true hypocrisy:

Of course, some reporters who have moved on from Warren’s “Indiangate” now have a new example of her hypocrisy to confront. Warren has become famous as the scourge of Wall Street and a class warrior in good standing. She has railed against giving “more tax subsidies to those who have already made it big” and attacked Senator Brown for opposing a millionaire’s tax.

But last week it came out that in 2009, the Warren household had an income of $980,000 and indeed in recent years has always been part of the top “1 percent” of income earners. But Massachusetts has long offered tax filers a choice between paying the standard 5.3 percent flat income-tax rate or a higher 5.85 percent rate. All they have to do is check a box. Despite her belief that the rich should pay more, Warren has never paid the higher rate. “I did not make a charitable contribution to the state,” she explained to reporters. Nor did she volunteer to donate much to charity.

Warren is free to believe that she has Native American ancestry, just as she is free to keep as much of her money as she is legally entitled to. But her choices in filling out forms are instructive. In checking the boxes claiming Native American status for so many years and in not checking the box to pay a higher state income-tax rate, she has revealed more than we need to know to brand her as yet another sanctimonious liberal who wants to have it all ways.

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