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Blaze Magazine EXCLUSIVE: Family Ties--The Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros

Blaze Magazine EXCLUSIVE: Family Ties--The Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros

You've heard the warnings about the Muslim Brotherhood before. Those radicals who have designs on all Muslim countries and seek to destroy the West and Israel have met with members of the Obama administration and have been infiltrating U.S. government and society for years.

Now, in a Blaze Magazine exclusive, we reveal that left-wing sugar daddy George Soros has some unnerving ties to the radical Islamist movement that is seeking to take over Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, implement Shariah law and establish a global caliphate.

For those familiar with George Soros and his myriad organizations--from the Open Society Institute to the International Crisis Group--the billionaire financier’s long and distinct history of promoting far-Left causes both at home and abroad is well known.

But the mention of Soros actually joining forces with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood takes radical political activism to an entirely new level, conjuring up images of an unholy alliance forged in the fiery pits of Mordor.

But Soros does have ties to and had joined forces with the Brotherhood.

And we have the evidence.

For example:

*A 2008 report from Soros' International Crisis Group (ICG) titled “Egypt’s Muslim Brothers: Confrontation or Integration?” strongly urged the normalization and “regularization” of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “participation” in Egyptian political life, including by “ceasing” arrests of Muslim Brothers and “setting guidelines for the establishment of a political party with religious reference.” According to the ICG, these measures, if executed, would prove Egypt’s “wider commitment to political pluralism.” The ICG’s “integration” report also trivialized the crackdown on the Brotherhood as “dangerously short-sighted.”

*The spokesmen for Soros' ICG are none other than former Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher (who also oversees research at the Soros-funded Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) and onetime U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head and current Brotherhood-endorsed interim Egyptian steward Mohamed ElBaradei. Soros, Muasher and ElBaradei all have a nasty habit of minimizing the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.

*Soros' buddy Muasher, doing his best impression of a Chicago politician, referred to the Middle East uprisings and breakdown in Israeli-Palestinian talks as a “crisis” that “would be a terrible thing to waste.”

And that's only the tip of the radical-family iceberg.

Of course, this fits right in with Soros' anti-Israel agenda.

In a February 2011 op-ed Soros wrote for the Washington Post, the Left's favorite moneyman unilaterally decided America’s power and influence in the world had all but vanished and trivialized U.S. and Israeli fears over the civil unrest in Egypt. Soros dismissed the idea that dissidents who sought to topple the Mubarak regime would be the least bit hostile to Israel.

Soros even went so far as to say the opposition was “not advancing a theocratic agenda at all” and then praised the only organized political force in the region--the Muslim Brotherhood.

Consistently referring to Israel as the “stumbling block” to peace in the Middle East, Soros made no bones about his hopes for the Brotherhood. He even heartily encouraged giving the Muslim Brotherhood a place at Egypt’s social and political table when the country’s streets erupted in flames in early 2011.

Soros urged President Obama to stand with the revolution in Egypt--and lamenting Israel’s being in the way.

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