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Ted Turner Wants The U.N. To Force Nuclear Disarmament... of Israel, America, and Everyone!

"Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor, and now we're good friends with the Japanese."

In a strange and (at times) creepy interview, Ted Turner wandered into his old stomping ground at CNN and was interviewed by Piers Morgan.

The lonely billionaire shared some intimate details about his life, including his four girlfriends and how "difficult" it is to maintain these relationships:

Turner also chatted with Piers about his dismissal from CNN, how "getting fired" hurt his feelings, and why CNN's ratings keep sliding lower and lower.

Of course Turner and Morgan did spend time talking about less frivolous topics, like global politics.

When it comes to the current situation in the Middle East, Ted believes that the Iranian nuke problem can best be handled by forcing Israel to give up its nuclear weapons. Once that happens, he believes that Iran will stop pursuing their weaponized nuclear program.

Morgan asked what a "President Turner" would do with the Iranian situation:


Well, first of all, I believe in total nuclear disarmament. That's the only way we're ever going to get there.  We all got to play by the same set of rules. We have 2,000 or several thousand nuclear weapons. Iran has none at the current time. It's okay for Israel to have 100, but it's not okay for Iran to have two.

The twisted Turner logic about nuclear weapons continued as he followed that statement with this one:

You have no strong position except force. Only by force can it be done. I think we've already voted at the U.N. and the Security Council to get rid of nuclear weapons. Let's get rid of them. Let's get rid of ours, and then Iran will stop, I believe, and everybody else will because if everybody doesn't have them, then we're safe - at least safe from a nuclear attack.

The Turner Doctrine, as it were, also uses the classic "mom" advice that says, If you want a friend, be a friend:

...if you treat people with dignity, respect, and friendliness like I did with the Russians and the Soviets before them with the Goodwill Games, if you try and make friends, you can make friends and you can do that even with former enemies. Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor, and now we're good friends with the Japanese. We fought China in the Cold War, but now we're good friends with the Chinese, most of us are.

It seems forgot about WWII and how we ended the war with Japan.

And what about Ted's good friends, the Russians? Just this week, Russia threatened a first-strike on NATO missile installations.

Did Ted also miss the tense situation between America and China that dominated the news on Thursday? Did CNN not have the sound turned up on the monitors in the green room?

By the way, Ted Turner gave up his role as Vice Chairman of CNN after the merger of Time-Warner and AOL did not go to his liking. When he left the company, Ted's shares of stock in the company was estimated to be around 32 million, and worth over a billion dollars back then.

If you would like to know more about Ted Turner, the 2 million acres of ranch land he owns in the West, and the 65,000 head of bison, we suggest you visit the website for all things Ted Turner.

H/T -  Newsbusters for transcribed portions of Ted Turner's interview on CNN.



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