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WH Press Corps Overruns Jay Carney With Questions on Joe Biden's Gay Marriage Comments


One reporter reportedly responded: 'The game's on'

On Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden said that he is "absolutely comfortable" with same-sex marriage, making him the highest Obama administration official to indicate support for the issue.

President Obama, on the other hand, has maintained a stance of being opposed to same-sex marriage-- though he supports equal rights for LGBT individuals and his stance is reported to be "evolving."

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The discrepancy caused a rash of questions at the daily press briefing at the White House, with Jay Carney seemingly trying to play-down the issue.

"He opposes bans on gay marriage...but he doesn't yet support gay marriage?" one reporter asked.

"His views on LGBT rights are crystal clear," Carney maintained.  "Nothing has changed," he said, looking visibly flustered.

Check out video of the questions and answers, below:

"[Biden] has his own personal views on the issue, as does the President," Carney said, before concluding, "Look, I don't have an update for you on the President's personal views."

One reporter reportedly responded, "The game's on," as the press conference ended.

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