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Pink Smoke Rising': Read the Cryptic Tweet That Rush Limbaugh Quoted After Obama's Marriage Flip-Flop


Rush Limbaugh often takes opportunities to demonstrate his sense of humor, and to give credit to funny people, even when they come from a different position than him. The conservative talker has lent his voice, for instance, to the highly anti-conservative television show "Family Guy" as a favor to the show's creator, with whom Limbaugh is friends.

And today, after Obama's abrupt flip flop on marriage, Limbaugh decided to quote a sarcastic tweet from progressive consultant Jesse Berney, who took to Twitter after the President's interview to post the following (apparently entirely facetious) Tweet:

Listen to the segment where Limbaugh quoted the Tweet below, courtesy of the Daily Rushbo:

Limbaugh's website has also produced a satirical image riffing off the concept, reproduced below:

Berney, for his part, appears to find the fact that Limbaugh quoted his non-serious Tweet to be both mildly funny and highly irritating. Here are a sample of his Tweets since Rush's segment:


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