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Real News From The Blaze' Debate: S.E. vs. Buck on Syria Intervention


Today marked the single deadliest attack to date in the Syrian capital of Damascus. At least 55 dead and another 370 injured, as both sides blame the other for the violence that came from two suicide car bombers. The deadly attacks and finger-pointing following the incident give further credence to critics who believe the policy applied by international mediator Kofi Annan has failed. Debate on whether the United States should take on an increased military role to end the bloodshed carried out by President Bashar al-Assad's regime has been an ongoing conversation on "Real News."

On Thursday, two panelists presented their opposing views on how the United States should handle the situation in a more literal debate style than previous shows.

From one podium, S.E. Cupp said the time has come for the American military step-in and put Assad down, for this not just a Syrian crisis.

"With revelations that Al-Qaida is moving in to capitalize on this new round of chaos, Syrian stability is in everyone's best interest," said Cupp. Going on to add that it is "our moral obligation to do everything we can to end the genocide in Syria."

While agreeing with Cupp that what is going in Syria is horrible, Buck Sexton argues that to accomplish S.E.'s goals, the United States would have to participate in a military intervention. Sexton argues such an intervention would be incredibly messy and difficult, and at best would end with a lengthy military occupation and inevitable insurgency.

"I'm not suggesting that nothing should be done in Syria," Buck argued. "What I would suggest is an indirect policy, this is not something to be scoffed at."

Watch the debate below:

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