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Caught on Camera: Child Falls From Moving Car in China


A little girl in China got a lucky break after she slipped out of a moving car and landed in the middle of a busy intersection -- but escaped serious injury.

A surveillance camera captured the shocking moment the passenger side door opened and the 4-year-old tumbled out, landing in the street straight in the path of a taxicab. The cab slowed to a stop as the girl's father jumped out of the still-moving car to scoop her up.

"I heard the taxi braked suddenly. Then I saw a child fell out on the ground," a police officer who witnessed the incident said, according to the Telegraph.

"It turned out that the child climbed from the back of the seat to the front while her father was driving, accidentally opened the door and fell out," he said.

Local media reported the girl suffered only slight bruising, according to the Telegraph.

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