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Viral Vid: 3-Year-Old 'Air Drums' to Nirvana Song While Sleeping, Before Rocking Out as He Wakes Up


It's not many 3-year-olds who have had their musical jam sessions viewed by hundreds of thousands on the internet, but this one may just be endearing enough.

The description in the video explains:

How to wake up a sleeping kid.


The last time we woke him up in the car, he got so grumpy and cranky. And since he loves this kind of music we just had to try a new method.  I think there are parents that can recognize this scene.

He is half Norwegian and half Chilean.

The languages you briefly hear in the video are, according to the description, the Trondheim dialect [from] Norway and Spanish, but no one is paying attention to that.

Rather, everyone is watching the little boy air-drumming to Nirvana in his sleep, before waking up and having a full-on concert.  He even mouths the "oh yeah, oh yeah!"

"Rock on!" most of the commenters have written, though a fair number have lamented his lack of a child's car seat.

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