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Obama's Connections to the violent SDS: Mark Rudd


The fifth in a series of posts on President Obama's connections to the violent, far-Left progressive Students for a Democratic Society -- a known terrorist group -- based on a March 2012 feature in The Blaze Magazine titled "Dangerous Birds of a Feather."


MARK RUDD: Rudd led SDS protests of 1968 at Columbia University where students took over campus buildings, and he went to Cuba to support Che Guevara and the Castro revolution. Today, he’s a retired community college math teacher and member of Progressives for Obama.

Rudd is either clairvoyant or very well connected to the Obama White House. In a blog post he published just days after Obama’s election, he reassured Leftists that Obama did what was necessary to get elected but has a strategy that will gradually move Left.

“He’ll be progressive on the environment because that has broad popular support; health care will be extended to children, then made universal, but the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance corporations will stay in place, perhaps yielding some power,” Rudd predicted 20 days after Obama’s election. “The economic agenda will stress stimulation from the bottom sometimes and handouts to the top at other times. It will be pragmatic. … On foreign policy and the wars and the use of the military there will be no change at all. That’s what keeping Gates at the Pentagon and Clinton at State and not prosecuting the torturers is saying.”

The ever-radical Rudd supported that “strategy.”

“Anything else will court sure defeat. … Leave the military alone because they’re way too powerful. For now, until enough momentum is raised,” the blog continued. “By the second or third year of this recession, when stimulus is needed at the bottom, people may begin to discuss cutting the military budget.”


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