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Real News From The Blaze:' Pandering for 4 More Years?


If you take stock in polls, Tuesday was a good day for Mitt Romney. A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows that most Americans think the economy is improving--but Romney will do a better job than President Obama over the next four years in keeping it moving in that direction. Another CBS/NYT poll released Tuesday gives Romney a slight edge over Obama come November--including among women--and shows that jobs is far and away the #1 issue for voters.

While President Obama has moved on a divide and conquer route to shore up his ’08 “coalition” with youth, women, Hispanics and LBGQT, are voters and the liberal media starting to see through the pandering façade? Can Romney win over the electorate by avoiding gimmicks and hammering an economic message? Or will the politics of distraction get in the way?

On "Real News" Tuesday, S.E. Cupp questioned whether the president's individual appeals to various interest groups will play in the general election when most of the country is focused on one issue: jobs.

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