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Chomsky Accuses Obama of 'Murder' and Defends Convicted Al Qaeda Terrorist as 'Defending His Village


If there's any question the left and the radicals are becoming disillusioned with President Obama, take a listen to Noam Chomsky below. In a recent interview with the leftist outlet Democracy Now!, Chomsky unloaded on Obama's use of drones and his approach to trials for terrorists. In fact, he accused Obama of "murder" and then went on to defend a convicted terrorist who, as Chomsky put it, was just "defending his village" when he opened fire on American troops:

The young terrorist Chomsky is referring to, by the way, is Omar Khadr. But despite what Chomsky would have you think, Khadr isn't an innocent child solider. While he is young, he is a Canadian native who actively sought out terror. He went over to Afghanistan and was captured in 2002 after a firefight with American troops. He was found to have killed at least one American soldier, threw a grenade during a battle, and also planted roadside bombs.

He was given eight years in prison after pleading guilty to the charges, as the New York Times explains:

Mr. Khadr, who was born in Toronto and comes from a Qaeda-linked family, was 15 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 after a firefight with American troops. He was accused of throwing a grenade in that battle that killed an American, Sgt. First Class Christopher J. Speer, and of planting roadside bombs.

After pleading guilty to all five charges against him, including murder in violation of the laws of war and providing support to terrorism, Mr. Khadr was formally sentenced to 40 years in prison. But under the terms of the deal, his prison time was capped at eight years, and after one year he became eligible to apply to transfer to Canada to serve the remainder of that sentence — and possibly be released on parole.

By the way, maybe it's just a coincidence that Chomsky sounds a little like Louis Farrakhan -- you know, like when Farrakhan called Obama a "murderer" and an "assassin."

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