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Oh, Canada: Canadian Museum Debuts Taxpayer-Funded 'X-Rated' Sex Exhibit Designed For Children as Young as 12


Designed by the Montreal Science Centre with “input from sexologists.”

[Author’s note: This article is not intended for young readers.]

Before we launch into the lurid details of this taxpayer-funded “sexhibit” (yes, we came up with that), let’s start by stressing this one crucial point: this was deemed appropriate for 12-year olds.

Watch Sun News’ coverage (because seeing is believing):

What you just saw is an exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology called “Sex: A Tell All Exhibition.” As you can tell from the video, when they say “tell all,” they mean “tell all.”

Museumgoers can explore things like “the climax room,” enjoys screens displaying “aroused genitals,” watch videos of adults explaining masturbation techniques, a listen to a man's voice describing his orgasm -- wait, what?

Pardon our French Canadian, but what the hell? That sounds less like an “education tool” and more like an interrogation technique.

"And then there was this one time . . ."

Again, this exhibit was deemed appropriate for ages 12 and up.

There are also naked statues equipped with erogenous zones that light up like some sort of twisted Larry Flynt-designed “Dance Dance Revolution” and videos describing the benefits of multiple partners and "friends with benefits.”

“It was designed for children 12 and older and school field trips, complete with follow-up quiz games for teachers,” Kris Sims writes for Sun News (we’re afraid to ask how the exhibit defines “quiz game").

Not surprisingly, some parents are outraged with the museum. You see, there are still enough people in Ottawa who think that whatever the hell is going on here:

. . . is inappropriate for children, and so the museum has agreed to increase the admission age to 16. Still, younger students on field trips are exposed to the wonderful world of sex toys and genitalia code words.

"The purpose of the National Museum of Science and Technology is to foster scientific and technological literacy throughout Canada," said James Maunder, spokesman for federal Heritage Minister James Moore.

"It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate. This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers," Maunder said. "We have expressed our strong concerns to the president of the Museum, and we encourage Canadians who are concerned to do the same."

According to the Sun News report, the exhibit was designed by the Montreal Science Centre with “input from sexologists.”

And here’s the kicker: the whole thing cost Canadian taxpayers $800,000.

"If you want to hold something like this that's fine, it can be done with private money not tax dollars," Canadian Taxpayers Federation Derek Fildebrant told Sun News. "The Sex Museum in New York is totally private, no tax dollars are spent, it doesn't even have charity status."

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