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You Don't Need Harvard or Columbia to Get a Good Education: Beck Breaks Down Student Debt Crisis


Students are being sold into government-slavery.

On his Friday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck reviewed the state of America’s education system and the staggering $1 trillion in student debt that is relegating an entire generation to indentured servitude.

Beck noted that by making entrepreneurship "a dirty word," President Obama has exacerbated the situation for the country's youth, who are seeing their life plans derailed with little to no job prospects. Curent statistics state that one in three graduates are now unemployed and if Europe is any indication, that figure could likely increase.

In both Greece and Spain the youth unemployment rate is now at 50%, with other countries in hot pursuit. Yet Obama is still considered a "rock star" in some circles, Beck marveled. "What has he doen to deserve that adulation?"

Worse still, the president promised students that he would reduce loan repayments to a mere 10% of one's income with the debt to be forgiven in 20 years -- 10 if a graduate takes a role in the government sector. Beck noted that the president's declaration was essentially a bribe to garner votes and security for Obamacare. With 90% of undergraduate students having borrowed to attend college or university, they will be selling themselves into slavery, Beck noted.

Watch below as Beck hosts a panel of students and discusses the growing debt-crisis each are facing:

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