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Prominent Egyptian Philosopher: 'The Muslim Brotherhood Is Ideologically Required to Start Wars


"For the Muslim Brotherhood, war is something one initiates, in an effort to convert the region and the entire world to Islam."

Egyptian philosopher and political mind Murad Wahba appeared on Sada Al-Balad TV last month, where he made a plethora of statements about the dangers associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. For anyone who knows the radical group's history, Wahba's words may not be surprising, however they seem to corroborate some of the fears being felt about the future of Egypt and the Middle East.

According to the prominent thinker, Egypt is not on a sustainable path toward viable democracy. Furthermore, Wuhba stated his belief that there will inevitably be a conflict between the Egyptian military leaders and the Muslim Brotherhood. At hand, of course, is the differences through which these power structures view the purpose of combat.

"For the Egyptian military leadership, the notion of war pertains to national security: our army's mission is to defend us against an attacking enemy, but it is not part of its mission to artificially initiate a war," Wahba explained. "For the Muslim Brotherhood, war is something one initiates, in an effort to convert the region and the entire world to Islam. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood is ideologically required to start wars."

Below, read a bit more from the MEMRI transcript:

Interviewer: "But on the tactical level, they talk about honoring the Camp David Accords, and about honoring international agreements. Moreover, there is a strange and worrying flirtation going on between the Muslim Brotherhood and the American administration regarding the implications on Israel. When John McCain, for example, was in Egypt, he received their assurance that the [Israel-Egypt] treaty would be maintained, that the QIZ treaty would be maintained, and even that they have no problem with the gas exportation [to Israel] – unless the courts decide otherwise, and it's a different story."

Murad Wahba: "But let me tell you something. I always pay attention to the expressions they use when they talk about their commitment to the international agreements. They always add the qualifier: 'But it's subject to change and to discussion.' That is their tactic. I've noticed that they always conclude with a 'but' – 'we honor the international agreements, but the people will have its say.' 'If circumstances change, it may become necessary to reexamine [the treaty].' It is these expressions that will enable them to send the Egyptian army to initiate war against Israel in the future. […]

"If the army returns to the military bases, and the Muslim Brotherhood takes over the state institutions, it will mean the Islamization of the country and of society. When that happens, the army, which is a state institution, will undergo Islamization willy-nilly. Under such circumstance, it will not be able to remain out of it. […]

"If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over the presidency, it will herald the beginning of a comprehensive process of Islamization, from top to bottom." […]

Watch these comments, complete with subtitles, below:


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