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The Muslim Brotherhood Would Slit My Throat & Not Bat an Eye: Watch Beck Interview Anti-Islamist Muslim Leftist

Photo Credit: Tarek Fatah

While it may sound like a contradiction in terms by American standards, it makes sense that a true liberal would likely rail against oppression in the name of religion -- even if that self-proclaimed liberal is a Muslim, and the religion he is fighting is Islam. Yet for some reason, the majority of American leftists routinely criticize Judeo-Christianity while openly supporting radical Islamists (like the Muslim Brotherhood) that would as soon stone or behead the very minorities  the left claims to stand for. To this end, leftwing political activist and broadcaster Tarek Fatah believes that condemning radical Islam should be a "nonpartisan" issue, and one in which people of good will around the world can find common ground.

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The Pakistani-born Canadian joined Glenn Beck on Tuesday evening to discuss why Shariah law has no place in Islam, and to warn viewers about the dangers posed by the not-so-moderate Muslim Brotherhood. As a Muslim born in Karachi who viewed his share of carnage carried out in the name of Islam first hand, Fatah is stunned at how American leftists are handling themselves when it comes to supporting the enemies of goodwill.

Fatah suggested that because President Obama’s first Chief of Staff was Jewish, he might have felt the need to compensate by bringing on board Muslim radicals, including Dalia Mogahed and Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, whose entire immediate family is actively involved with Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fatah noted he saw "slaughters, genocide, beheadings, acid thrown on women's faces" as a child and said that with another 12 people killed just today in his hometown of Karachi, the media is silent. "Do you think if these 50 people were killed in Gaza it wouldn't be the first news story on CNN?" he asked incredulously.

“We are children of the lesser God?”

He also complimented JFK for being clear on who the enemy is – then it was Communists -- today it is Islamo-Fascism.

As a Canadian, Fatah said he feels "sad for America" because even though there is a left and right in Canada, he believes there is a consensus among both groups that believes their way of life needs to be preserved. And that way of life, according to Fatah, "didn’t come from China or India."

Universality of citizenship, he maintained, as either a Christian or Muslim, came from Europe. In terms of Obama's stance on the Muslim Brotherhood and others, the activist noted that "we are in an era of mediocrity" and that "man can’t live by [good] speeches alone."

Fatah also had harsh words for the Muslim Brotherhood, who he summarized as being "Jim Jones in KKK uniforms" who would "slit my throat" without even blinking an eye. Wasn't it "the Muslim Brotherhood who beheaded Daniel pearl in Karachi?" he reminded They are not secular.

He pointed out that because he is not a white "guilt-ridden" liberal, he can see the forest for the trees. "I am a Muslim, born in Pakistan, I know crap when I see it." I am not a white, guilt-ridden liberal.

Noting that Marxists in America have knit themselves together and are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Beck asked Fatah why he believes this this happening?

"Is it just to destroy Western way of life?" Beck asked.

Fatah pointed to the collapse of the Berlin Wall as the genesis, stating that once the remains of Communism had collapsed in dust, the left was left with nothing else except to hate America. Fatah also drew scorn for Occupy Wall Street, who he said comprises "rich kids on sabbatical acting as if they are the Che Guevaras of America."

He asked how it is logical that these leftists champion anti-black racism while supporting Islamists who are the most racist of all. He noted that by nomenclature in Arab countries blacks are typically referred to as “slaves” to this day. Yet this is who the left is defending?  "They should be ashamed," he slammed.

Fatah also described the strong threads of racism that he has witnessed in his community throughout the years leading up to today. In terms of where we are headed, the staunch supporter of human rights said he is "terrified" because "what is there besides the United States of America?" He then compared the humanity embraced by Americans compared to that of China and Russia.

Watch this fascinating interview below:

In his book, "The Jew Is Not My Enemy," Fatah traces how "literature from as early as the seventh century has fueled the hatred of Jews by Muslims." He debunks Anti-Semitic passages contained in the Hadith (Islamic religious text) dissects "Arab supremacist doctrines" as well as reinterprets verses of the Quran that have, historically, been interpreted as Anti-Semitic. The book jacket adds that in doing so, Fatah, "argues that hating Jews is against the essence of the Islamic spirit."

The self-described leftis is also the author of "Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State," which condemns the notion that the establishment of a Caliphate is truly a requirement of Islam.  As a proponent of a progressive, liberal-form of Islam, Fatah has endured sharp criticism from within the Islamic community, as do many reformers who have spoken out against Shariah law.

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