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Real News From The Blaze:' Romney on the Rise?


The Obama campaign has had a rough few weeks. With Mitt Romney making major gains in closing the gap with the incumbent in general election polls over the past month, the president's awkward announcement of his support for gay marriage, and the botched attacks against his opponent's private sector experience, the president's reelection chances seem to be on the decline. While Obama already had little hope of winning Kentucky or Arkansas, his showing in last night’s Democratic primaries in the two states were an embarrassment. In Kentucky, 42 percent of Democrats voted "uncommitted"rather than for Barack Obama. In Arkansas an unknown Tennessee lawyer named John Wolfe won 41.6 percent. New polling in Florida shows Romney up six points.

With enthusiasm beginning to shift back to the right following an ugly primary, should Republicans begin to get excited for November?

On "Real News" Wednesday, Buck Sexton was hesitant in jumping on the bandwagon, commenting his belief that we haven't seen the brunt of the Obama campaign just yet. Will Cain disagreed, stating that it now appears the president has laid his cards on the table with the Bain attacks, a move that Cain thinks is unwise.

"If this is Obama's strategy, it's chock full of shoot yourself in the foot" said Cain. "This is a self-destructive strategy that I'm not sure Mitt Romney has to play too much offense against."

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