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Sandra Fluke Tweets Support for S.E. Cupp Over Hustler Photo


"so offensive"

Sandra Fluke joined a stream of S.E. Cupp supporters on Wednesday after a faked sexually explicit image of Cupp appeared in Hustler magazine.

As The Blaze exclusively reported, the photo was accompanied by the headline "Celebrity Fantasy" and wondered, “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a [d**k] in her mouth?” A disclaimer acknowledged the image was phony.

".@HustlerMag depiction of @secupp so offensive. Sexualization of female public [figures] attempts [to] limit them [to] being sexual figures and not more," Fluke tweeted.

Planned Parenthood also weighed in with a tweet that stated: "Sexist attacks made against women like @SandraFluke and recently @secupp are disgraceful and cannot be tolerated."


Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has confirmed the photo in a response to The Blaze. Read how he justifies the image here.

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