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One Shocking Thing You Didn't Know About George Stephanopolous' Wife (or Probably Wish You Didn't)


"And he said 'Will you marry me?' I said, 'Of course I’ll marry you!'"

Out of all the things you might know about George Stephanopolous -- the current ABC News anchor and former Bill Clinton staffer -- you probably didn't know this. In fairness, it's really a fact about his wife, comedian and actress Alexandra Wentworth. And once you read it and hear the story, you'll likely want to forget it.

I'm giving you a chance to leave now.


Okay, since you're still here, you want to know. Or at least you think you do. Let's just say it involves a former* fiance, a ring, and the worst wedding proposal ever.

Here she is explaining it on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on Tuesday (transcript via

Here’s the story. I was living with this guy. We’ll call him… Josh.

I came home one afternoon and he said, “Ali, I’m really worried. There’s something wrong. I was in the shower, and I felt something… I think it’s a ployp… you need to check it out.”

So, I’m from a very uptight, waspy, blue-blood family. We don’t look in orafices [sic] and holes. I didn’t even poop until I went to college. That’s how uptight we are.

But it’s a medical emergency… So he put down a towel, and he’s naked, and he laid down on his stomach. And I – very gingerly and in a very elegant way – parted his buttocks and reached in…

…and I pulled out a diamond ring. And he said “Will you marry me?” I said, “Of course I’ll marry you!”

Well, I ended up not marrying him, but to this day, I wondered if I had dug deeper, I could have had a tiara by now.

Yeah, you read that right. Now you can hear her explain it (stating at about the 1:20 mark below):

Well, okay then. We'll let you go recover.

And if you happen to know who "Josh" is, let us know.

*To be clear, Wentworth goes out of her way to say she never married the man. So that means it is not George Stephanopolous.

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