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Real News From The Blaze:' Wisconsin Liberals Start Pointing Fingers as Walker Recall Looks Unlikely


As Gov. Scott Walker enjoys a comfortable lead in polls before the Wisconsin recall election, leaders in the state's unions have expressed frustrations with the DNC for a late start on the purse strings putting them at a decided disadvantage before polls open week after next. The election will without a doubt be watched by legislators across the country interested in, or already in the process of, applying reforms in their state similar to those carried out by Walker. The result could also be a bellwether for the presidential match-up in the increasingly purple state this November.

The internal fallout among Wisconsin progressive groups and broader national political implications of the Wisconsin recall election were a topic of discussion during "Real News" Friday.

After breaking down the friction between Democrats and current polling in the state, Will Cain asked what this election tells us about the Democratic Party message this November.

"I think quietly, a lot of people like these reforms in Wisconsin," commented Andrew Wilkow. Guest panelist Gordon Chang said "this was politics from the very beginning."

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