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Mexico Mother Accused of Gouging 5-Year-Old Son's Eyes Out to 'Save the World


"Let's kill him, to get the devil out of him."

During a horrific, drug-fueled ritual, a Mexico mother allegedly gouged her 5-year-old son's eyes out using only her fingers because she thought it would "save the world."

The eyeless boy, who has been identified only as Fernando, was taken to a Mexico City hospital after police found him wrapped in his mother's arms in a suburb of Nezahualcoyotl on Thursday – mutilated and traumatized.

Thankfully, Fernando is expected to live through the frightening ordeal, but he has been left completely blind.

Authorities have not revealed whether the ritual was linked to any religious beliefs. However, prior to the incident the mother, identified as Maria del Carmen Rios, 28, and a group of adults – many of them relatives – had reportedly been at the home fasting and reciting a prayer because "the world was going to end," Nezahualcoyotl assistant police Chief Samuel Cuevas Monroy told the Associated Press.

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A video posted on The Guardian's website features a medic who argues that Fernando's eyes were actually removed with a spoon and that a group was taking part in a "satanic" ritual, a statement which slightly differs with other news reports:

The mother had apparently become incoherent and said to the group, "Let's kill him, to get the devil out of him." Shortly after, Fernando's 22-year-old aunt held him down while his mother hand-removed his eyes from their sockets.

She also encouraged others to help mutilate her son to "prevent an earthquake and save the world," the chief prosecutor for Mexico state told the AP.

Authorities said that the group of adults had been taking unspecified drugs. The mother and seven others are being held while charges are pending.

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